September Program: “What’s Going on with Our Health Care?”

Sept. 22, 9:30-11:00 AM by Zoom
ZOOM Meeting ID and login information will be sent 1 week before the meeting.

Brought to you by the El Dorado Progressives, Health Care Workgroup
Join us to take a look at what’s going on with our health care:
• In California
• Learn about Expanded and Improved Medicare for All
• Explore some of the alternatives under discussion, including the public option and expanded
Medicare Advantage Programs
• Understand how single payer can be paid for and what it will cost you
• Get your questions answered

The program will consist of two speakers and a film.
Speaker #1:  Jen Flory, Esq, is an attorney and health care policy advocate who specializes in access to health care for low income Californians. She works at the Western Center for Poverty and the Law in Sacramento. Her passion for health care advocacy stems not just from a desire for social justice, but also from personal experience. As a young adult, Jen was unable to
purchase health insurance and went without needed medical care. She has also worked as an
immigration attorney. She has been the co-chair of El Dorado Progressives Health Care

Film: The Case for Expanded Medicare for All, featuring Ed Weisbart MD with Physicians for a National Health Plan, Missouri Chapter. This program builds the case for how we must change
the financing of our health care through a single payer approach to national health care. He was a family medicine physician, the chief medical officer of Express Scripts and Rx Outreach and a volunteer in a variety of safety-net clinics across the country.

Speaker #2Maureen Dion-Perry, MPH, has been committed to improving our health care
system for the past 45 years. Her training is in Public Health and her community of change was the health care system. She worked for Kaiser Permanente and Marshall Hospital in health
education, preventive medicine and quality improvement. Now retired, Maureen continues her
work with El Dorado Progressives and was co-chair of the Health Care Work Group and the
Western Slope Coalition on Affordable Housing and Homelessness.